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Updated  November   2013

Austin? Part - identification required -

Austin A55 Cambridge Mk-1 nos Tail Light

1929 Austin  7 hp Generator, distributor and fan Assy

Austin 7 Steering Wheel Spider, good unrestored used.

Austin new  original L635 Lucas Tail Light Assy'

Cooper 1950's/60's Key Fobs and sticker Emblems.

Austin Vintage Car Wire wheel hubs x 3

Austin Bakelite Ashtrays 1920's/40's

Austin 7 new original Starter Crank Rods.

Austin Gipsy 4WD axle drive shafts nos

Austin Gypsy Grille & h/light assembly  $495.  Tony Noonan

Austin Early ? 1930's hubcaps nos x 3

Austin 1950's/60's  BMC Britax seat belt set new old stock set of 2 kits.

Austin 1950's Spinner hubs Decorative accessory Emblems

1950's Austin new old stock Instrument Cluster

Austin A55 A60 Radiator

Austin Freeway 1960's accessory Insect Screen   (photo)

Austin  Gypsy 4WD grille   (photo description)

Austin Healey 1950's Emblem    (photo description)

Austin Healey 3000 original new Lucas Overdrive Switch $145.

Austin A30/35 new old stock & used grilles & mouldings    (photo description)

Austin A30 nos Track Rod $150. Austin A30-A35 new original rear Shock absorbers

Austin A30. A35 new & some used grilles  (photo etc)

Austin A30 A40 A70 A90 and 10hp 39-48 new Locking Fuel Cap

Austin A30 Steering rod, new old stock

Austin A35 new original speedometer   (photo etc)

Austin  A40    new & some used original grilles (photo etc)

1954 Austin A40 Utility  photo advert - parts car

Austin A40 new Steering Box Worm Shaft Assy

1937-38 Austin 14 hp 6 cylinder sedan   photo advert - parts car

Austin A55 Series 2 new old stock Grille    (photo description)

Austin 1950's Spinner  Hubcap attachment set (photo ad)

Austin 1800 nos grille & badge assy $750.

1930-35 Austin 7 new front handbrake cable $85.00 & Rear Cables $110.00 plus various other 1920's / 60's parts in stock. NSW  Australia     Identity Tony Noonan

Austin Veteran  Car Pressure Gauge

Austin Morris BMC JU  J2 VAN new solex Carburettor

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Austin CARS and PARTS for sale

September 2013

Austin Somerset for sale . A documented one owner car needing restoration  All original plates, insurance documents rego etc go with the car along with new sets of rings ,bearings gaskets etc as owner had started a mechanical  overhaul shortly before he deceased. The car has minimal rust but the body has oxidised when the paint flaked An easy restoration as all parts ,  instruments etc are all there and in good condition, Floors etc are  perfect No corrosion .car situated in Adelaide Australia . Many pics on
request via   email . ph 0412178026 Australia
  Contact ID 6222


More  Austin   parts here

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December 2013

1960-61 Austin 460f truck -wanted brake parts, pads, cylinders -   Australia)    Contact ID 6719

1955 Austin, looking for a Horn and Indicator assembly or there abouts.
Regards BART.  Australia) 
 Contact ID 6715

November 2013

1950 Austin K2 3 ton truck. looking for parts - Pair of bonnet side flaps, drivers side door winder. Australia

Contact pod 6653

1949 Austin Sedan - I need kits to rebuild knee action front shocks. Kansas Contact ID  6603

Austin - I am after a lock barrel for my Austin Healey glove box lock. The  lock was also in the the Austin A40 princess models. I have all other parts except for the barrel. . Cheers Roy NSW Australia   Contact ID  6625
Austin 7 - parts wanted to make a special. VIC, Australia - Contact  ID  6598

1950 Austin A40 Hi. I am looking for a (tappet) pushrod - NSW Australia   Contact ID  6545

October 2013

Austin sedan, model London taxi , fuel gauge, I can send a photo of item.  Victoria, Australia Contact Id  6522

1947 Austin 8 saloon. -wanted fuel pump also valve spring for same car   Queensland, Australia  Contact ID 6392

September 2013

Austin truck K2 - I need a Fuel cap its a male threaded one 2x 1/8 inch  diameter -NSW Australia  Contact ID  6359
Austin A35 - I am looking for an Austin A35 gearbox tunnel please. Melbourne, Australia Ben   Contact ID 6339
1955 Austin Hereford sedan I need 2 sets of front wheel bearings & seals   Australia    Contact ID  6346

July 2013

Austin A30 - wanted mirror interior for rectangle glass . I have the glass  cheers Darren - Qld , Australia     Contact ID   6050

Austin Freeway Wagon - Wanted Complete Car for restoration Qld Australia.   Contact members ID  6019

June 2013

1945 Austin A40 ute. I am looking for a crankshaft to fit The block has 1200cc on the side of  the block. Thank you, Sean Queensland,   Australia -  Contact ID 5918

May 2013

Austin 7 - looking for Lucas sm5 switch panel Qld Australia- Contact ID  5831

1954 Austin A40 Ute - I'm looking for a crank shaft and bearings Also  looking for a mechanical fuel lift pump with hand primer and interested in  a steering wheel in good nick. Thanks, Sean - Qld Australia - Contact ID 5834

Austin A30 - wanted - engine mounts, top radiator hose, front bumper, grill badge or chrome grill strip, fan belt. Can you help. Howard, Victoria,  Australia - Contact ID 5793

1954 Austin A40 Somerset - I need gasket set for zenith carby. rubber bushes for front end. rear view mirror wing mounted, 2nd hand o.k. phone  075319 4284. Many thanks Australia  Contact ID  5780

Austin Champ - wanted, radiator metal filter Austin Champ rear wheel support bracket Rolls Royce B40 4 cyl engine water thermostat housing Any Austin Champ electrical parts - NSW   Australia.   Contact   ID 5776

Austin Healey BN1 A90 A70 type motor -wanted. Oil filler cap (on valve head).   Contact ID  5760  Australia

April 2013

A40 Somerset.. . I am after a drivers side wing mounted rear view mirror can you help  - N SW, Australia - contact ID 5680

1937 Austin 10 Cambridge. wanted ..rear brake shoes, return springs, brake adjust cam, speedo cable, Lumax lever dampers (4) or any  equivalent that will fit, front seats.  contact ID  5634  (australia

March  2013

1972 Austin - wanted . diff or crown wheel for Austin truck 345F - Australia -    contact ID 5539


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