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                                                               updated   December   2013

XD Falcon ute Torneau Cover straps
Ford Cortina TC Ignition Lock & keys

Ford V8 1939-42 Brake Lining Set

Ford Model A 1928-31 Brake Lining set

Ford T 1913-14 Acetylene Headlight (Canadian/British Commonwealth)

Ford F700 Big Boy Fender Emblem/Insignia nos

Vintage Ford Brass Kick Plates

Model T Ford  New Seat Swab au only

Model T   Ford nos   KW Brand Shock Absorbers

Model T Ford new accessory Fuel Gauge  (photo)

Model T Ford ALGO model A Distributor   (photo)

Model T Ford French SADAM nos Shock Absorbers. 1920's  (photo)

Ford Model T Hubcaps nos after market set of 4 screw on hubcaps

T Ford new old stock KW brand Shock absorbers ( photo description)

T Ford Gas Headlight in good unrestored condition (photo description)

T Ford Bosch accessory Distributor  (photo)

T Ford Tail Light (Ford Script)   (photo)

T Ford Electric Horn   (photo)

Ford Model T Accessory Anderson Manifold & Stromberg Carburetor (photo description)

Ford Model T   new old stock Cowl Lights  (photo ad)

T Model Ford Ruxtell  2 speed Differential Assembly  photo advert leave message

1928-34 Ford AA, BB Truck king pin set $400

1930's English Ford 8 hp Factory Headlight Lenses and Rims 

Ford 1930's Headlight Lens and Deflector

1930's British Ford Headlight Lenses and rims

1934 Ford V8 - for sale - RH Front good used fender / mudguard $450. located in Sydney Australia. Delivery arranged.

Ford V8 Pilot Spare Wheel Cover Assembly    photo & details

Ford V8 Pilot Solex dual throat carburetor  British Ford V8 Pilot new Solex dual throat carburetor

New Old Stock Solex Ford V8 Polt carburetor $500. Numerous other parts  photo here

Ford V8 Pilot New original Lucas Distributor

Ford V8 49 Do Ray Grille Spot lamp accessory

1939-49 Ford V8 Glassco RHD Sealed Beam Headlights

Ford V8 car/truck Lucas/Remax Distributor caps

1939 - 48 Ford V8 truck  nos RHD Steering Box Worms

Ford 10 hp new original steering box worm & nut
1950's Ford V8 Trunk  /Boot Key Lock Assy 50's
Ford V8 Pilot 9 1/4? Clutch Plate

British Ford Gauges

Ford Butler original Truck Headlight Lenses

British 8 hp Ford Accessory  Grille Centre Bar Moulding Pre 1950

1949-52 Ford RHD Truck Accelerator Pedal.  Original new old stock RHD Truck Pedal

1950's Ford Cigarette Vacuum Disposal Assembly

German Ford 1950's  / 60's new SWF Wiper Moto

British Ford (Anglia, Prefect) 1950's/60's items

1950-53 Ford New Old Stock ARVIN complete boxed Heater Assembly  (photo description )

1953 Ford V8 Sedan (Silver anniversary model) photo dismantled parts  leave message

Ford V8 Windshield Washer Kits

1954-59 ? Ford V8 Accessory Cigarette Lighter

Ford Consul Corsair nos Headlight Trim Rings(Surrounds)

Ford Consul Zephyr Mark 2 new hubcaps  1956-1962);

Ford Popular & Anglia  103E New Old Stock Door Strikers $90 each

Ford Anglia 105E Turn Signal Switch assembly

Ford Anglia 105E Accessory Bonnet Mascot

Ford Anglia / Prefect Grille top bars

Ford Anglia/Prefect early new Bumper Over Riders

Ford Consul Mark One/Two Rebuilt Short motors.  (photo description)

1956?  Ford Consul Zephyr 204E nos original Lucas Light Switches

1963 Ford Zephyr RHD..  & up Steering Box Sector Shaft

1962 Ford Zephyr RHD 1962 and up Accelerator Pedal

Ford Consul Classic Bonnet Mascot

Ford Zephyr Zodiac Butler EnFo DIL-59 Original Reflector

Ford Zephyr 211E Bonnet Emblem/badge

Ford Cortina 113E 1963-66 Solex B30 PSE1-2 Carburettor
XM (Australian)
Ford Falcon 1964 Bonnet Decoration

Falcon XC (Australian) new cables

Ford F250/350 and F500/600 Truck Emblems 1950's/60's

(1962-1966) Ford  ?Mark I Cortina RHD Steering Box Sector Shaft

Ford Cortina Mk 1 Estate (Stn Wagon) new tail lights

1962-64  Ford Cortina Mk 1,  New Brake Drums   photo & details

1965-68 Ford V8 Horn Ring Assy nos

1968-70 Ford Falcon Dual Reservoir Master Cyl

1968-70 Ford Falcon V8   New PBR Australia Clutch (or Brake ?) Master Cylinder. $245.

(1979-1982) Ford Falcon XD Utility   Tonneau Cover Straps nos

Ford Falcon RHD Drivers Window Regulator

Ford Taunus  new old stock Hella Tail Light  (photo and details)

Windfield Ford Midget original new Tachometer gauge face...$125...Found in an old airline pilot's deceased estate. Tony

More  Ford  parts here  World wide



PARTS WANTED  (site user section)

November 2013

1958 Edsel Corsair - am after a set of spats do you have any or know of  a set? NSW Australia thanks clayton - Contact ID 6608

October 2013

1962 to 1966 Zephyr - looking for engine breather pipe and rubber mount to  suite 1962 to 1966 Zephyr, also under dash R/H wiring loom. Hope you can assist. regards Joe Victoria, Australia -

Contact ID  6418
1965-6 Ford Galaxie four door sedan - looking for either new or second hand
rear screen - Qld Australia, Contact ID 6429

September 2013

Ford Prefect E93 - I need inside door handles and winders for a E93  Australian prefect I need the

            parts with the male spline as per Australian   Anglias and Prefects   Contact ID  6356

Ford MK1 Cortina (1962 66- parts wanted, front end parts, Heidi Australia -  Contact ID 6219

August 2113

Ford XP - wanted , 3 speed auto column - Qld Australia    Contact ID  6178

1948 Ford F1 Pick-up RHD parking lights - Only came on the Australian
      model. Contact Glenn Australia -   
Contact ID  6172
1939 Ford -wanted RHD pedal assembly Australia   Contact ID 6152

July 2013

1936 Ford coupe -wanted, rear steel guards - Australia - Contact ID  6025

1926 -1927 Ford model T - wanted some timber wheels and rims -
- Contact ID 5993

June 2013

1956 Ford 100e model - drivers side door model or any that will fit -

         NSW   Australia    Contact ID 5950

ZH ford Fairlane, (1976-1979). Looking for parts for a ZH ford fair lane, front passenger door

      regulator and electric motor, also a door latch  mechanism and rods for the same door,

      thanks Rob - South Australia - Contact ID  5933

Ford Pilot V8 - wanted New Parts; Contact Points, Condensers, Rotors, Distributor Caps - David- 

              Australia contact ID  5905

May 2013

Ford Pilot (1947?)- , I'm after a boot for a ford pilot. I don't need the wheel cover though. Can you

              help. Terry NSW Australia - Contact ID  5801

April 2013

1951 Ford F1 pickup side valve V8 truck - wanted fuel pump  kit  NSW  Australia    contact ID 5585

1934 3 window ford - wanted - internal garnishes, would you have any ?. Perth, -   contact ID 5589

February 2013

1957 ford customline - wanted boot badge - Sydney, Australia   contact Identity   5372

1957 Ford Zephyr MKII - Door Hinge pins 0.280 - Front retaining bolts for the rear springs -

            Australia - contact id  5306

December 2012

1930 A model Ford - wanted crank handle and shock arms - ph  0404124776 

              Queensland,    contact ID 5049


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August 2013

1978 F250 for sale. Good for a restoration project. $2500 ono. Would really  like to see it go to a good home. Qld Australia   

Contact pod 6151

January 2013

Model B ford engine or block and sump for sale - Australia)  contact identity 5246

1967 Ford - genuine brand new ZA, ZB Fairlane parts, which include p/steer hoses, ash trays, tail light lenses. brake pedal rubber, universals, fan   belt etc. Australia - contact identity  5151